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Carpet Cleaning W11 Notting Hill

Carpet Cleaning Notting HillCarpets need to be cleaned professionally at least once every six months to keep their original colours and be used long time. Pro Cleaners Notting Hill offer deep cleaning and refreshing of carpets done with the help of modern and effective cleaning machines.

Our cleaning staff will check the condition and fabric of your carpets and apply the most suitable cleaning procedures on it. They are qualified, skilled and use the most effective machines for sanitising different carpet fabrics. Our carpet cleaning services are available in W11 Notting Hill and the neighbouring areas.

Carpet Cleaning in Notting Hill
Landing Carpet

£10 £9

Bedroom Carpet

£28 £23

Livingroom Carpet

£30 £26

Minimum call out charge £48.

Carpet Cleaning Services Notting Hill

Our staff will completely remove the blemishes, dirty marks and odours from smoke and pets. They will vacuum clean the carpet to gather the visible dirt and grime. If there are darker areas, smudges or spills on the carpet, our cleaning technicians will spray and pre-treat them. Then, they will either dry or steam clean the carpet. Dry cleaning is done with the help of powder which is rubbed deep in the fabric of the carpet. Special machines vacuum the dirt and soiling from it.

Our carpet cleaning services in W11 include:

  • Inspection of the carpet and testing the cleaning solution on it
  • Pre-treatment of obstinate stains, spills and dirty patches
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, made of natural fibres
  • Steam cleaning of most carpets types
  • Drying the carpets which are wet cleaned
  • Deodorising the already sanitised carpets

I was happy to observe that all my carpets had been cleaned in a perfect way by your employees. Great carpet cleaning done in a completely professional manner. – Glen

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    Carpet Cleaners W11 – Pro Cleaners Noting Hill

    Carpet Cleaning W11Steam cleaning is a highly efficient method that injects the proper cleaning solution in the carpet base and extracts the pollutants and dirt from it. The last step of the process is deodorising the carpets. Our carpet cleaning services are suitable to be used in domestic and business properties, located in W11 Notting Hill or somewhere nearby. You can order them by phone, e-mail
    or online.

    Our carpet cleaning services are done according to the fabric and condition of every carpet. You carpets will be used many years and retain their real colours if you sanitise them properly and regularly. Our carpet cleaning services are at your disposal in Notting Hill London at affordable prices seven days in the week.